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​Here’s the thing:

Research has shown that when families are close, children not only learn important social skills but also have higher self-esteem. Positive relationships with children are based on being in the moment, spending quality time, and building trust. Strong family bonds also encourage better behavior in children, improve academic performance, strengthen parent-child communication, and teach your child how to be a good friend.

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  1. To share how life is beautiful
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  5. How to give extra LOVE

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Wondering who are we anyway?

My name is Christelle Pillot, Mum of 3, certified coach & trainer, studied Personal Development for more than 20 years. I guide busy parents to recapture their freedom. Using tools and techniques to redesign a new career, build a strong team at home, simplify life, and rebalance life areas.

For almost 8 years, I have been coaching, helping active women build a strong team at home for optimal support, and bringing the best in everyone. I love to see my clients gain energy, joy, ease, and a sense of fulfillment. I have been very active in helping schools with stress management and emotional intelligence for children and teenagers. 

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