Digital Performance Planner: Movers & Shakers planner

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Introducing the Movers & Shakers Planner: Your Ultimate Tool for Success and Balance!

Unleash your potential with our Coach-Crafted Planner, meticulously designed by an expert coach to guide you daily. Elevate each day with a unique quote and insightful reflection questions, fostering personal growth and goal alignment. This isn’t just a planner; it’s your daily companion on the journey to success.



Digital Performance Planner: Movers & Shakers planner

Hello there!

I trust you’re doing well in your journey towards success and self-improvement. I’m thrilled to share with you the latest version of my Movers & Shakers planner—a creation born out of personal necessity and crafted to help individuals like yourself focus, channel the right energy, and take the necessary actions to achieve your desired goals.

Designed during the challenging times of the first year of the COVID pandemic, this planner has been a game-changer for me. I have been working on an upgraded version, I’m excited to give you a sneak peek into its features.

What Makes the Movers & Shakers Planner Unique:

Proven Expertise: With a wealth of experience working with entrepreneurs, C-Level Managers, parents, children, and schools since 2015, I’ve identified two key challenges many face: managing tasks and time effectively and making sound leadership decisions.

Leader’s Mindset: The planner is meticulously crafted to instill a leader’s mindset, helping you navigate through the complexities of life. It provides practical tips and methods derived from personal experiences and insights gained from a decade of discussions with coaches, peers, parents, and leaders.

Why Clarity Matters: Clear Goals and Intentions: Success begins with clarity. This planner emphasizes the importance of defining your goals and daily intentions, providing a roadmap for staying committed to your journey.

What the Planner Offers:

Clarity: Clearly define your goals and intentions.
Structure: Organize your life and priorities.
Habit Tracker: Identify and change habits.
Time and Activity Control: Manage your time and activities better.
Organization and Motivation Tips: Stay on track with useful insights.

Who Benefits:
Goal-Oriented Individuals: Women and men with big goals and projects.
Parents: Enhance your mindset as part of your children’s education, leading by example.

More than 550 pages

Pages for Every Need:

Personal Development Pages: Discover keys to finding your power in sayings, people, and within yourself.
Goals and Review Pages: Strategically plan your yearly, monthly, and weekly goals.
Daily Pages with QUOTES: Organize your day and program the mindset needed to achieve your goals.

This digital planner includes:

  • 2024 Digital Planner
  • 2023 Review Page
  • 2024 Review Page
  • Yearly Templates
  • Yearly Calendar
  • Quick Menu
  • Dashboard
  • Monthly Templates
  • Monthly Overview
  • Monthly Plan
  • Monthly Goal Setting
  • Monthly Review
  • Monthly Trackers
  • Weekly Templates
  • Weekly Plan
  • Weekly Reflection
  • Weekly Planner
  • Daily Templates
  • Daily Plan
  • Daily Quote
  • Daily Growth Mindset Questions
  • Extra Templates
  • My Super Strengths
  • My Ideal Life
  • My Mentors
  • My Mantra
  • 3-Year Vision
  • 2024 Goals
  • Set Your Goals Month/Month
  • How To Start A Morning Routine
  • How To Start An Evening Routine
  • A 30-Day Challenge To Get Started
  • Idea Incubator
  • Notes
  • Swot

You will receive 3 documents:

  1. a PDF document with Hyperlinks for ADOBE
  2. a GoodNotes file for GOODNOTES
  3. a Note file for NOTABILITY

To write on this digital planner, you will need a note-taking app, an iPad/Tablet, and an Apple Pencil/Stylus or ADOBE Pro.

Recommended apps for iPad users include GoodNotes and Notability. For Android users, you may want to consider Noteshelf.

Please note that the app, iPad/Tablet, and Stylus/Apple Pencil are NOT included in this purchase.

THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT. No physical product will be shipped.

This digital product is sold for personal use only and may not be resold, copied, redistributed, or used for any other commercial purposes. All digital products in this shop are protected by copyright.

Instant download items are generally non-refundable. If you encounter any issues with the download or the file itself, please contact me, and I will respond as soon as possible.

I believe in this planner’s power to bring clarity, structure, and tools into your life, helping you achieve your goals while maintaining balance and motivation. Your journey matters—share your results and experiences on social media using #MSXLIFE.

Wishing you a life filled with achievements and positive transformations!

2 reviews for Digital Performance Planner: Movers & Shakers planner

  1. C. (verified owner)

    Super Planner. It changed my life and helped me to stay focused on my goal, privately and professionally. I can only recommend it.

  2. Adrian

    Amazing!! So many Features and possibilities. It helped me so much, I love it and I work with it everyday! I would instantly buy it if I hadn’t already.

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