Your Limiting Beliefs Destroyer : 30 Day Mindset Challenge

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Introducing the Transformative Mindset Revolution: Shatter Your Boundaries!

Unlock your latent capabilities through our Expertly Curated 30-Day Transformation, meticulously crafted by a seasoned coach to lead you through each day. Elevate your daily experience with an exclusive quote and purposeful exercises, reshaping your mindset through profound reflection. This goes beyond a mere challenge; it’s your steadfast ally on the path to triumph, revolutionizing your mindset permanently.



THE UNIQUE Limiting Beliefs Destroyer: 30-Day-Mindset-Booster

Hello there!

Hi, I’m Christelle, and I’m excited to guide you through the 30-Day Mindset Booster, a life-changing expedition crafted to transform your mindset and, consequently, your life.

Let me share a slice of my journey: In December 2013, I shifted from being a chemical engineer to leaping into the coaching world. Little did I know, it wasn’t just a job switch; it demanded a complete mindset overhaul, altering my life forever.

The biggest roadblock in this career shift? Me. I was my own stumbling block. It may sound tough, but it’s the truth. The person in my seat was hindering progress. Limiting beliefs acted like a dense fog, overshadowing my potential.

Next up, my surroundings posed the second challenge. It wasn’t just about changing myself; I had to unravel the beliefs around me. Grasping the environment was crucial, like clearing the path for a smoother journey.

Pursuing something significant triggers fear – fear of change, fear of the unknown. These fears are like roadblocks. Every venture into the new brings resistance. It’s tackling these limiting beliefs that obstruct us from finding solutions and achieving goals. Deep insight can make you doubt your capability, worthiness, and the possibility of change, leading to giving up or self-sabotage. It’s like tripping over your own feet. Ouch!

Now, picture this: kick those limiting beliefs out. Replace them with supportive ones. What happens? You believe in yourself. You see possibilities, not roadblocks. You are optimistic, energy-loaded, and resourceful. You become the hero of your story. I believe it’s worth giving it a try. What do you think?

Throughout your 30-day mindset journey, focus on flipping those beliefs. It’s not just about finding answers; it’s about creating them. Envision a life where you don’t sabotage but thrive. That’s the magic of a mindset shift. The journey might not be easy, but oh boy, is it worth it!

I encourage you to fully embrace it, transforming not just your life but making a significant impact on your loved ones. Let’s embark on this transformation together! 🚀

Over a month, this document serves as your guide to self-discovery and positive change. Here’s what you can expect:

Definition of Your Goals:

Begin by defining what aspects of your mindset you wish to transform and the specific changes you desire. This initial step sets the foundation for your 30-day journey.

Daily Self-Reflection and Thinking Habit Tracking:

Engage in daily self-questioning to uncover limiting beliefs and track your thinking habits. The provided 30-day pages guide you through this introspective process.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs:

Dedicated pages for each day to help dismantle limiting beliefs. Transform these pages into spaces for crafting empowering affirmations and decisive actions[6].

Personal Affirmation Creation:

Blank affirmation sheets empower you to create personalized and effective reminders. Tailor affirmations to your unique needs for sustained positivity and motivation.

Embark on this 30-day journey with dedication and openness, and witness the profound impact on your mindset and life.

What Makes this Document Unique?

  • Proven Expertise: With a wealth of experience working with entrepreneurs, C-Level Managers, parents, children, and schools since 2015, I’ve identified two key challenges many face: managing tasks and time effectively and making sound leadership decisions.
  • Leader’s Mindset: The planner is meticulously crafted to instill a leader’s mindset, helping you navigate through the complexities of life. It provides practical tips and methods derived from personal experiences and insights gained from a decade of discussions with coaches, peers, parents, and leaders.

Why Clarity Matters: Clear Goals and Intentions: Success begins with clarity. This planner emphasizes the importance of defining your goals and daily intentions, providing a roadmap for staying committed to your journey.

What the document Offers:

  • Information: What are the nine biggest impacts of limiting beliefs in our life
  • Information: 10 examples of limiting beliefs.
  • Information: Overcoming Common Obstacles and Resistance to Self-Reflection
  • 30-Day Mindset Booster
  • 2 Affirmations Sheets
  • Blank Affirmations Sheets

Who Benefits:

  • Goal-Oriented Individuals: Women and men with big goals and projects.
  • People who want to work on their mindset so that they can reach a goal out of their comfort zone.
  • People who are fed up feel afraid angry or stressed all the time and would like to get back control of their thoughts.

More than 135 pages

Pages for Every Need:

  • Goals and Review Pages: Clarify your goal for the month to stay focused on the goal and get your results.
  • Limiting Beliefs Destroyer Pages: a method to transform your limiting beliefs into supporting beliefs.
  • Daily Pages with QUOTES: Organize your day and program the mindset needed to achieve your goals.

This document includes:

  • Dashboard
  • Explanations sheets
  • Daily Templates
  • Daily Plan
  • Daily Quotes
  • Daily Growth Mindset Questions
  • 2 affirmations templates
  • Extra blank affirmation Templates
  • Limiting Beliefs Destroyer: one belief at a time.
  • A 30-Day Challenge To Get Started
  • Notes

You will receive 3 documents:

  1. a PDF document with Hyperlinks for ADOBE
  2. a GoodNotes file for GOODNOTES
  3. a Note file for NOTABILITY

To write on this document, you will need a note-taking app, an iPad/Tablet, and an Apple Pencil/Stylus or ADOBE Pro.

Recommended apps for iPad users include GoodNotes and Notability. For Android users, you may want to consider Noteshelf.

Please note that the app, iPad/Tablet, and Stylus/Apple Pencil are NOT included in this purchase.

THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT. No physical product will be shipped.

This digital product is sold for personal use only and may not be resold, copied, redistributed, or used for any other commercial purposes. All digital products in this shop are protected by copyright.

Instant download items are generally non-refundable. If you encounter any issues with the download or the file itself, please contact me, and I will respond as soon as possible.

The 30-Day Challenge has the power to change your life if you take it seriously. It is all I wish for you. Your journey matters—share your results and experiences on social media using #30MBLIFE.

Wishing you a life filled with achievements and positive transformations!


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