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Short Bio

Christelle Pillot is a seasoned career coach seamlessly blending success with well-being. With 15 years in International Sales Management in pharmaceuticals and chemistry, she crafted a profound understanding of human dynamics. A Business Building Specialist, she mentored entrepreneurs globally. In 2021, she founded the Freedom Catcher Academy, dedicated to uplifting women personally and professionally. Christelle, a certified coach and mindfulness trainer, celebrates individuality, optimizes careers, and strengthens connections. Her approach cultivates happiness, tranquility, and the energy to pursue quests.

Signature Talks:


3 Ingredients to Recapture Freedom


The Greatest Asset for Business & Career - A Little Known Secret


Secure Your Tomorrow - Design Your Sustainable Career


Embracing Opportunity, Finding Job as a Non-German Speaker


Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for More Impact and Serenity


The State of FLOW: Fun & Focus

What Sets Christelle Apart?

High Empathy & Relatability:

Christelle deeply connects with her audience, creating an inspiring dialogue.

Engaging Communication:

She speaks with the audience, fostering inspiration and deep learning experiences.

Impactful Style:

A high achiever, she delivers impactful messages through concise, impactful sentences.

Simplifying Complexity:

Christelle uses personal stories and simple concepts to simplify complex notions, making her talks accessible and memorable.



Amy Lim, Vice President of Malaysia Club Deutschland

“Christelle Pillot is a Toastmaster, a great counter-balance between dreams and reality, pro-active, and creates a sense of enthusiasm and ambition.” 


“Your 90-minute workshop was truly extraordinary. I didn’t know it is to work at such a deep level in such a quick time.” 

Teacher at ESF

“Christelle is truly an expert in what she is teaching. She is very authentic and has a crystal-clear presence which I really appreciated about her personality. I do love her smooth and gentle voice.” 

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Notable Stages

  •  Inspiring Women Summit – Germany – 2018
  • Shifting the Business Paradigm – International Benefit Summit -2020
  • Design Tomorrow Summit – International – 2023
  •  Happy Team Summit – International -2022
  • API Conf – L´Hypersensibilité – French – 2021
  • Women Thrive Talk – International – 2023

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