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Are you considering a career change? Our coaching program is designed to guide you through every step.

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    As a women’s life coach, I’m here to help you. Let’s empower your journey together.

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    Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

    I support AMBITIOUS female professionals who are frustrated with their career and life balance. I will help align your vision and goals to achieve TWICE as much financially and have the unlimited flexibility to achieve your life and career goals through my distinct career life program.

    I offer you the opportunity to be The Unstoppable You.

    Renewed Perspective

    Finding your passion and love for what you do

    Tapping into your inner strength

    Finding balance in work and life

    Building a harmonious team at home and at work

    Coaching in English, German and French

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    Freedom Catcher Academy

    You in 6 Months!Transform Your CAREER. Empower Your RELATIONSHIPS.  Liberate Your LIFESTYLE.   Welcome to Freedom Catcher Academy, where we offer more than education. It's an immersive experience that not only fits your budget but empowers you to make tangible,...

    Open the Door to a BETTER World

    Open the Door to a BETTER World 12 CLASSES IN 6 MODULES Could we, in our relationships, be peaceful without being extinct, lively and true without being volcanic, and natural without being impulsive? Is there a way to assert ourselves without crushing the other and to...

    Your Meaningful Profitable Career

    Your Meaningful Profitable Career 33 CLASSES IN 8 MODULES Do you want to live a meaningful life so that you can tell your children and grandchildren "I have been successful in my life“? Career is definitely a crucial part. With this program, we work on building a...

    Freedom Catcher Experience

    Freedom Catcher Experience 14 CLASSES IN 9 MODULES Do you want to live a more meaningful life so that you can tell your children "I brought meaning and success to my life”? I have been a coach since 2015 and I worked with Parents, schools as Mindfulness Coach and as...

    Your Genius Plan for 2024

    Your genius plan for 2024 For Movers and Shakers!!! Do you want more freedom and control in every area of your life? Improved harmony at home, more money, more time, increased energy, maybe starting a new project or changing career? However your life is already full,...

    The Career Shift Booster

    The Career Shift Booster Revolutionize Your Career Journey with the Career Shift Booster! "Time is the most valuable currency we have. Invest it wisely in pursuing your passions, realizing your dreams, and creating a fulfilling future." 👉 Are you feeling overwhelmed...

    Strengths Expedition

    Strengths ExpeditionNavigating the Path to Success Discover Your Strengths, Ignite Your Career, and Unleash Your Full Potential! Are You ready to Discover Your Hidden Potential? 👉 Do you feel like you have untapped potential waiting to be unleashed? 👉 Are you tired of...

    About Christelle Pillot

    In a world where careers can often feel like a choice between success and personal well-being, Christelle Pillot shines as a guiding light, blending the art of meaningful work with the essence of a balanced life. As an experienced coach and career consultant, Christelle specializes in empowering women to build impactful and financially rewarding careers while also nurturing a harmonious work-life balance.

    Christelle’s journey is a powerful testament to her exceptional insight and transformative abilities. With a background in Chemical Engineering, her unexpected entry into the realm of International Sales Management revealed a new path. Guided by her early interest in psychology and human connections, she discovered that her technical sales role had a deep psychological aspect that truly fascinated her.

    Spanning 15 dynamic years as a Sales and Distributors Manager, Christelle’s global journey unfolded from her base in Germany. Across continents, she led business expansions, collaborated with clients, and fostered cross-cultural connections that enriched her understanding of human diversity. This journey became an education not just in business growth, but also in personal growth, as she gained insights into human dynamics, entrepreneurship, and self-discovery.


    “Christelle is truly an expert about what she is teaching. She is very authentic and has a crystal- clear presence which I really appreciated about her personality. I do love her smooth and gentle voice.”


    European School Frankfurt

    “My business was almost destroyed because of pressure and high emotions. Meditation is the key to success, it is the key to a healthy relationship with yourself and others. Christelle´s presentation changed my vision and mindset. I really recommend attending Christelle´s workshops – It is amazing – Thank you”


    Mum and founder of Gingerchef

    “Christelle´s meditation technics really work! After 3 minutes of meditating with her, I felt like I have slept 2 hours – so calm and stressless I felt afterward! I am eager to wait for the full-day class to cleanse my mind. Thank you.“

    Elena Malgina


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