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Do you want to live a meaningful life so that you can tell your children and grandchildren “I have been successful in my life“? Career is definitely a crucial part. With this program, we work on building a bright future with fulfillment, fun, and meaning but we will not forget the lucrative part because we are worth it. We work on 3 pillars to create your dream life.

It all starts with you, what matters to you, work vision, and defining your ideal life to raise your energy level and be in THE FLOW STATE as much as possible. This part is so fun.

We will design your future projects, and the best professional steps by deep diving into your strengths, experiences, passions, and Uniqueness – We will design 3 professional projects and test with the market how to get results in real-life. This part is so inspiring.

Ok, I am not going to lie to you, but at some point, if you do the program seriously, you are going to get out of your comfort zone ( for some of you, far out of your comfort zone) and it is great because that means that you grow and you get a life with more space and freedom…. but it is not easy at first, so we are going to equip you to be a badass go get what you deserve driven person, to shy bright on social media and to be able to make smart negotiation. This part is so empowering.

You will gain – A clear roadmap of your next steps- A clear view of your life mission – A strategy to get your dream job or start your dream project – A personal test to know your 5 Strengths – A Strong mindset you never thought you would be able to have and Support within the group and out of the group. Come and join us in the biggest design project of your life.

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Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident in the effectiveness of our program. If, after diligently following the steps, you’re not satisfied with the results, we’ll promptly refund your investment. That’s how certain we are in our approach.

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See what my clients had to say about this program

Conversation with Maiko T. - a student of the MPC Program - during the program she opened a side business

Why did you decide to sign up for such a program?

The reason why I decided to take the program is that I was always struggling to find my passion, interests, or sparks. I find something interesting, start it as a hobby or activity and lasted very short.  Nothing stuck with me. I was in a search of how to find the excitement. That is when I met Christelle at one retreat. The timing of when I met her and her approach to finding the meaning and the purpose in life, very much convinced me and I decided to join the program. 

What are your take away from it?

The program for me was not only about finding the perfect career for me, but also finding the values in your life and values within you.

I had an idea at the beginning in which direction I would like to expand, carrier-wise, and the program made me sure of it because I found why. This “why” is for me deeply rooted and connected to my values in my life, which I discovered through the program. Whenever I have a hard time, I always go back to the “why”, and it assures me that it is the reason why I keep doing what I do. 

What did you change in your life?

 Be more responsible for my feelings and actions. I used to often let my past experience affect my current moods and limit my abilities. It is still sometimes hard, but I am able to recognise and separate the both, and actually accept it. That’s my biggest change in my life. 

One piece of advice you would give to the person thinking about doing the program

During a couple of months of taking this program, I constantly needed to have a deep conversation with myself, and it was sometimes very uncomfortable and painful, but necessary in order to find the future you wish for. Without having to face that, I don’t think I would have reached the point where I am right now. It is a lot of work too, and also your time and energy. 

My advice is, to be ready to put an effort into this program, for YOU, to get whatever you are searching for.

Anne, Web Project manager in a wellknow Bank-2020

“I would like to thank you warmly. I have no regrets whatsoever about working with you. I asked you to help me find my new professional path. A lot has happened in these 5 months.

You have been my anchor, my pillar and that has helped me to get through this storm, to accept to go towards where I naturally need to go, to listen to my evidence.

It makes me aware that it may hurt but that’s how it is and then it will get better. It’s not easy to change, it’s so difficult – the fear of change blocks but then it opens up an incredible field of possibilities.

It helped me a lot, thank you. “

Rosa. - a student of the MPC Program -People and Organisational Development-2023

On a scale of 1-10, how useful was this program to you?
1= did not help much10= was extremely useful and helpful

I would definitely score it a 10.

​Please give reasons for your rating:
The group coaching sessions, combined with individual coaching and the online training, tips and exercises are a very good combination to gain new perspectives, receive feedback and share experiences in a safe space. The Clifton Strengths assessment was a very important aspect that gave me many new insights into who I am. Christelle’s coaching approach in the individual and group sessions is very helpful often based on psychological aspects that help generate ideas for more positive self-talk. The coaching helped me overcome an emotionally very difficult

Name the 2 most important things you learned:
Appreciating and connecting my personality traits, strengths, skills, and experiences to create a clearer picture of myself and my positive impact on others. I increased my awareness of my negative thought processes and self-talk and started to convert it into a more positive language (acceptance combined with step-by-step changes)

What else would you like to share?

 I liked the combination of individual coaching with Christelle, group coaching, and online training because it gave me opportunities to reflect and develop myself while receiving guidance and insights from Christelle as well as women with different personalities and professional backgrounds. While Christelle guided me I was also able to use my strengths and passion of connecting and guiding others.

Céline Program Manager

“Yes, your coaching really helped a lot. I think it was a whole thing really,

 I think that making the decision, doing the coaching, wanting to start, wanting to change, is the first step. 

 I think that what helped me the most in fact, was to play games, to do things, to see what I was capable of, and to accept that I was really capable of not having this imposter syndrome all the time, and then the second thing I think that made me feel good was to see that it works for you, to be master of your life, master of your decisions, master of the changes and that in fact, you don’t risk much by taking decisions… after that, it’s easy to say that because it worked for me too but that’s what inspired me…

And then the group, there are many things, in fact, we were a group and sometimes just the fact of telling our story and hearing the stories of the others and then saying to ourselves “Shit, We are young, intelligent, motivated and we are not the generation of our parents who go to work just because we have to go to work, because we have to earn money, because we have to feed the children, I think we are a generation that can do a little more”

Nat, Project LEAD created a side business

“I really enjoyed this process with you because when you are alone you dont really have a gauge of what might work. Having people to discuss comepletely different projects is great. I learned alot. Having other people’s comments gave me more insights on what could work and not. Thanks to the program and you guys I was able to define what I really wanted to do”

Chris, Sales Manager Europe

“We each have our own progression. I can see how we have grown from the beginning until now, it is really cool to witness it, somethign is happening for each of us. I was so happy and impressed to see how the program works on all the ladies and how it is transforming our lives, it is really nice, quite magical.”

M. Fly Attendant, creating a side business

“I am surprised and happy to see that everyone has had changes and more clear vision on what we want to do. Nice to see our progress in the last three months and I am kind of mind blown, during the calls I got more inspired and creative.”

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