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Do you want more freedom and control in every area of your life? Improved harmony at home, more money, more time, increased energy, maybe starting a new project or changing career?

However your life is already full, you don´t know where to start? How to stay focused on your goals for more than a few weeks? Well, in this course, I show you the system that I started to use intensively during Covid Lockdown to grow my business, be present to my 3 children, feel energised and full of gratitude while achieving my goals.

In order to make the coming year a special and fantastic year, we need a proven process we can use to develop the right mindset, the right habit, put the right priorities and do the right actions all over the year.

Meet Christelle Pillot

Christelle Pillot

Mum of 3 boys, ex international Sales manager in the chemical and pharmaceutical field, Christelle decided to change her life in 2013. After several depressions, feeling drained and tied down, the atmosphere at home was severely impacted and Christelle no longer enjoyed the life she had built, regardless of appearances of happiness, her family and love life were in peril. She decided to redesign her life at home and at work and to go back to her first and real passion: Psychology and Personal Development. 
She has been trained during 3 years bevor being certified as “Life Coach” and “Train the Trainer”. She is specialised in mindfulness/ Emotional Intelligence for children and adults, Stress management for children and adults. She focuses her coaching in energy/ time/ emotional management and communication. She helps parents to redesign their career in a safe and effective way.
Apply for a 100% refund if you are not satisfied at the end of the program.

Since 2015 she has helped more than 300 children and families to feel happier and free.

Now feeling free, supported by her family, and fulfilled like never before and she developed this FCP program to help parents to feel the same amazing feeling.

What You’ll Get

In this Course, you will learn a simple process that will help you to

1. – Define carefully your 3 main goals and your 15 secondary goals for the coming year.
2. – You will break down your steps in order to achieve these 3 main goals and maybe more.
3. – You will learn to use your time accordingly to your goals and the needs of your family.
4. – You will grow your mindset and learn strategies to become more resilient.
5. – We will do a follow up to be sure that you stay on track.
6. – You will have a supportive group that will stay with you all over the year.


Special Premium Offer:€699

🎁 Special Gold Offer:€459🎁

Apply for a 100% refund if you are not satisfied at the end of the program.

The Course includes:

Version Gold:
• Recorded Workshop: 6 hours of live instruction, divided into 4 sessions.
• Group session: 4 sessions to get answers and momentum
• Online E-Learning Platform: With contents and motivation
• Facebook Group: you will see results for yourself and others – you will enter a tribe that will support your journey.

Version Premium:
Version Gold + 3 One to One sessions:
• 3*30 minute-sessions to go deeper and leverage your genius


Upon enrolling, you’ll get instant access to the e- learning platform.
You will have to start with a pretraining.

Your 3 Ultimate Goals
Explore the 15 Goals of your year and learn to go through them methodically, having first to focus on the 3 ultimate goals. In this Zoom, we are going to follow a step-by-step process. It is the process that I have used to build my business step by step and to refocus on my family.

Fine Tuning Family/ Goals
How to have it all! How to take care of your family and in the same time finding space for your projects? Here is my secret and what saved me during the first lockdown and the following ones. This process AMAZED me and is a success formula.

Your Genius Mindset
Staying Focused demands Energy. And we don´t want to sugar it, it is not always easy to stay with a strong mindset. This session is all about building a strong mindset in order to stay focus and not giving up after a few days but running the marathon until the finish line. We will build resilience, strength, focus, tolerance.

Leverage your Energy
Our family is everything.
Alone you go fast, together you go far.
Building with your family to go far and build with your community to go fast.
But don´t stay alone trying to figuring it all alone. We will learn the power of the family and the group. Take Your Place In “Your Genius Plan” it’s a passport to a thriving global tribe of likeminded, each as passionate as you are about designing an extraordinary life. You’ll have the chance to connect with the members of your implementation group and meet your new best friends, get inspired and uplifted, and co-create your way to a life beyond your wildest dreams.




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See what my clients had to say about this program


“Le programme est vraiment bien fait. J’ai appris à me connaitre, à faire le tri dans mes pensées. Christelle m’a mise dans un groupe de femmes toutes différentes, mais nous sommes bien entendues, complétées, aidées. Les séances passent vite, mais on en retient toujours plein de positif. Il y a le replay que l’on peut écouter après. Christelle est une coach géniale, accueillante, toujours disponible, prête à aider. Elle connait ses clientes. Merci Christelle pour ce travail avec ce groupe.”

Marie Paule Senior Administrative Officer at EMBL & Mum of 2

“Christelle is a great person, authentic, listening, present, and always giving examples of her private life which makes the coaching process much more real! With her humor and always good mood, she accompanied me and the whole group, with the help of tools, to fix our objectives for the year and to focus on them in the long term. I will for sure use the tools for the next years as well!

A big big thank you to you Christelle”

Marion Coach & mum of 2

” Great program to get me kick-started into this complicated year. Totally worth the price.​ Great way to start the year, focusing on me, my life, and what I want in the coming 12 months.

Thank you, Christelle !”

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