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Short Bio

Christelle Pillot is a seasoned career coach seamlessly blending success with well-being. With 15 years in International Sales Management in pharmaceuticals and chemistry, she crafted a profound understanding of human dynamics. A Business Building Specialist, she mentored entrepreneurs globally. In 2021, she founded the Freedom Catcher Academy, dedicated to uplifting women personally and professionally. Christelle, a certified coach and mindfulness trainer, celebrates individuality, optimizes careers, and strengthens connections. Her approach cultivates happiness, tranquility, and the energy to pursue quests. She speaks on stage in French, German and English. 

Signature Talks:


3 Ingredients to Recapture Freedom


The Greatest Asset for Business & Career - A Little Known Secret


Secure Your Tomorrow - Design Your Sustainable Career


Embracing Opportunity, Finding Job as a Non-German Speaker


Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for More Impact and Serenity


The State of FLOW: Fun & Focus

What Sets Christelle Apart?

High Empathy & Relatability:

Christelle deeply connects with her audience, creating an inspiring dialogue.

Engaging Communication:

She speaks with the audience, fostering inspiration and deep learning experiences.

Impactful Style:

A high achiever, she delivers impactful messages through concise, impactful sentences.

Simplifying Complexity:

Christelle uses personal stories and simple concepts to simplify complex notions, making her talks accessible and memorable.



Amy Lim, Vice President of Malaysia Club Deutschland

“Christelle Pillot is a Toastmaster, a great counter-balance between dreams and reality, pro-active, and creates a sense of enthusiasm and ambition.” 


“Your 90-minute workshop was truly extraordinary. I didn’t know it is to work at such a deep level in such a quick time.” 

Teacher at ESF

“Christelle is truly an expert in what she is teaching. She is very authentic and has a crystal-clear presence which I really appreciated about her personality. I do love her smooth and gentle voice.” 

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Notable Stages

  •  Inspiring Women Summit – Germany – 2018
  • Shifting the Business Paradigm – International Benefit Summit -2020
  • Design Tomorrow Summit – International – 2023
  •  Happy Team Summit – International -2022
  • API Conf – L´Hypersensibilité – France – 2021
  • Women Thrive Talk – International – 2023

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