Freedom Catcher Experience


Do you want to live a more meaningful life so that you can tell your children “I brought meaning and success to my life”?

I have been a coach since 2015 and I worked with Parents, schools as Mindfulness Coach and as Leadership Coach in pharmaceutical companies. At the beginning of 2020, I decided to coach only parents with this program.

I realised that parents needed 3 things to feel fulfilled and happy:
• Having a career and a daily activity that fascinates them.
• Rediscovering their freedom
• Feeling united within their family

The problem is that often their work no longer corresponds with them. They feel they are slipping towards a burnout, or they are too exhausted for a harmonious family life. That’s why many of them feel trapped in a life that no longer suits them. This is the reason why I focused my expertise on the “Freedom Catcher” program where parents who would like to change their lives, can. I work on 3 pillars to create a life that makes sense: reconnecting with yourself and your passions, redefining your IMPACT at Work, improving your family life.

Do these pillars speak to you? Then this course is for you, because it is exactly what we focus on here.

During 12 weeks we go through:
What DO YOU want in YOUR LIFE?
We will help you to gain more clarity and impact at work and in your career.
We will work on building a team at home, that has harmony and support.
We will give you a compass to stay aligned with your values and your character.

You will gain:
👉 Self-confidence
👉 Energy
👉 Time
👉 A feeling of FREEDOM
👉 A sense of PURPOSE

I will do everything in my power to help you reach your goal.

I want to know more about the Freedom Catcher Experience!

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Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident in the effectiveness of our program. If, after diligently following the steps, you’re not satisfied with the results, we’ll promptly refund your investment. That’s how certain we are in our approach.

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See what my clients had to say about this program

Marie Paule

“Thanks to all the tools you provided me with, whether it was implementing challenges at home with the children… We put that in place, and it greatly helped with delegating household tasks. It brought flexibility to my daily routine. Previously, I tended to have a ‘Wonder Woman’ perspective, thinking I had to manage and control everything. Thanks to coaching, I realized that wasn’t the case, and things could be different. It was really nice.

The program really helped me create a team at home and understand that I didn’t have to be the center of everything. My team could be just as effective and support me. My children were 10 and 5 years old at the time, now they’re 12 and 7. Now, it’s become a habit to have challenges regularly, and they ask for more. It’s incredible to see how much things have changed. It’s almost magical. Not because we didn’t put ourselves into it, they put a lot of effort into it, but it’s incredible to see that it works. Often, we set barriers for ourselves, thinking that something won’t work, but it does.

Right now, my little one has gained a lot of independence: she washes and dresses herself, she chooses her clothes three days in advance, which is unimaginable for a 7-year-old. My older one has also put many things in place because she realized that managing her time was complex, especially during the COVID period. The challenges were a great help.”


“I rated the FCP 10/10 because I learned how much my past, my stories, impacted the way I live today, and it was really interesting to define my markers. I also learned that simple switches in mindset and attitude can deeply impact the global situation at home.”


“Christelle gave me the advice to help me make a deep introspection to know more about my needs, my goals, and my real mission in life. Thanks to this advice, I became an observer at the home of the needs of my loved ones (partner, kids) and could therefor become more empathetic, more patient.

She gave me concrete and easy tools to better communicate at home and at work to enable me to affirm my personality and be therefore stronger. Christelle is a sincere, nice, funny and very professional person.”

On a scale of 1 to 10 clients have rated the Freedom Catcher Experience 10 out of 10


“I was in a bad shape and feeling very low, the program lifted me up and helped me count my blessings and sort things out. The simple excercises forced me to detangle my thoughts and once it was clearly on paper, it was easier to implement. It gave me the impulsion to change, during the program I got a job and I am sure my state of mind was different and helped me. Having people to talk to and just share different points of view was helpful, although I was really not convinced at the beginning. The small number of people and the ability of Christelle to listen and guide were perfect when you are lost and need people to speak to, especially in these special times.”


I have defined my life mission! That is a great because this mission can be fulfilled in every aspect of my life. I have also learned to use the non-violent communication in a more effective way, with my children and my partner. Altogether I feel stronger, more focused and motivated to reach my goals.

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