Client Testimonials

What do my clients have to say?
“My business was almost destroyed because of pressure and high emotions. Meditation is the key to success, it is the key to a healthy relationship with yourself and others. Christelle´s presentation changed my vision and mindset. I really recommend attending Christelle´s workshops – It is amazing – Thank you“

Mum & founder of Gingerchef

“Christelle m’a aidé à écouter le petite voix qui s’imposait à moi et qui m’empêchait d’avancer dans mes idées de changement professionnel à la suite de mon second congé parental. Il fallait “juste” lever ses peurs, valider son envie et confirmer que mon environnement était stable pour prendre confiance en mon idée, sortir de ma zone de confort et me lancer. C’est chose faite après nos séances de travail.

J’ai lâché mon CDI qui ne me rendait plus heureuse et je réinvente mon équilibre professionnel/personnel.

Parce que oui, il n’y a pas de modèle ! Il reste désormais à garder le cap mais je sais que si besoin je pourrais refaire appel à Christelle. Prendre le temps de réfléchir avec à vos valeurs, vos envies et vos contraintes familiales / personnelles… c’est un cadeau pour soi.

Par ses références, ses outils méthodologiques rigoureux, son écoute sans jugement et sa sincérité, Christelle vous accompagne tout en respectant votre rythme et votre personnalité. On est loin des coachings “marketés” sur le web et creux! On est dans le vrai et le concret.

Je ne regrette en rien mon aventure même s’il me reste quelques collines à traverser et que maintenant je n’ai plus d’excuse pour avancer vers mon bonheur 🙂 Merci Christelle!”

Anne Pickaert

Gestion de project Web & mum of 2

“After 4 years of regularly meditating with Christelle, I have decided it is the right time for me to also speak about my personal doubts with her. With these uncertain times, I really felt not comfortable with my current situation. I have done several professional coaching sessions before but was not able to identify a clear roadmap of what to do and in which direction to go to feel aligned with myself and my interests in a job. Then, I did a 2hr coaching session with Christelle to do the diagnosis & identify what are my current aspirations/values and what are the things that energize me in order to find the right professional pathway and opportunity. I ended up with a clear roadmap and recommendations on how to proceed and start my own reflection and pursuit.”
Flora Grad

Global Project manager

“Christelle is a professional coach on leadership matters. She is very secure, a natural authority in her business, professional, and effective in setting up and following a reasonable agenda.

​She is very cooperative in setting up the program together with her customer (no “one-size-fits-all” approach, great customizing).

She knows about sciences and technology business.”

Dr Peter Kasper

Magellan bioConsult UG

“Christelle is enthusiastic and structured and brought new ideas to our leadership workshop. She has a strong understanding, she structures and standardizes. Thanks, well done!”
Jaap Stuut

Chief Executive officer at Immunodiagnostic Systems Holdings PLC

“I attended a workshop to resume my professional life after expatriation.

We were two people at the session which went very well; we were both a bit complementary and shared a lot of our experiences.​

After having changed my life (following the expatriation), it allowed me to sort out what I still wanted to do or not to do at all. But also to identify certain blocking points (family, environmental or agenda with the school…) and to find solutions.

Finally, thanks to this session, I also found the courage to resume my artistic activity, which had been stopped for a long time, and even to show my works, which I had never done before.

Today, thanks to the impetus of this session, I have found work and an artistic group to work with and share with.

Thank you, Christelle”

Véronique Wallat

Mum of 2 & Executive assistant

“Christelle is truly an expert about what she is teaching.

She is very authentic and has a crystal- clear presence which I really appreciated about her personality.

I do love her smooth and gentle voice.”

Teacher of

European School Frankfurt

“Christelle is a great person, authentic, listening, present, and always giving examples of her private life which makes the coaching process much more real!

With her humor and always good mood, she accompanied me and the whole group, with the help of tools, to fix our objectives for the year and to focus on them in the long term.

I will for sure use the tools for the next years as well!

A big big thank you to you Christelle”

Marie Paule

Senior Administrative Officer at EMBL & Mum of 2

“Yes, your coaching really helped a lot. I think it was a whole thing really,

I think that making the decision, doing the coaching, wanting to start, wanting to change, is the first step.

I think that what helped me the most in fact, was to play games, to do things, to see what I was capable of, and to accept that I was really capable of not having this imposter syndrome all the time, and then the second thing I think that made me feel good was to see that it works for you, to be master of your life, master of your decisions, master of the changes and that in fact, you don’t risk much by taking decisions… after that, it’s easy to say that because it worked for me too but that’s what inspired me…

And then the group, there are many things, in fact, we were a group and sometimes just the fact of telling our story and hearing the stories of the others and then saying to ourselves “Shit, We are young, intelligent, motivated and we are not the generation of our parents who go to work just because we have to go to work, because we have to earn money, because we have to feed the children, I think we are a generation that can do a little more”


Program Manager

“Christelle Pillot Is a Toastmaster, a great counter-balance between dreams and reality, pro-active and create a sense of enthusiasm, and ambition”
Amy Lim

Multiple Business Owner, Vice President of Malaysia Club Deutschland

“I’d like to thank Christelle for coaching me through the Clifton Strengths programme.

Her positivism, her ability to listen and the way she guides and accompanies her coachees in their reflection is without comparison.

Coaching with Christelle was a real pleasure, a re-discovery of myself and my strengths, and enabled me to put a lot of things in my life back into perspective, to identify and break down the limits I’d set myself. I had strayed from my path, I’ve found it again and I’m off to a good start again.

Thank you Christelle for your professionalism, your gentleness and your attentiveness, which did me a world of good.”

Fatou Campinar

Credit management

I recently participated in the Clifton Strengths programme towards the end of 2023, and I must say it has been a transformative experience. One of the most significant takeaways from the programme was the creation of my own “strengths statement”. This statement, derived from the strengths profile generated by the test results, serves as an elevator pitch, perfectly tailored to highlight my strengths, leadership style, and personal qualities. It’s a concise yet powerful tool, invaluable for occasions like job interviews or networking events where succinct self-presentation is crucial.

What made this process particularly enlightening was the guidance provided by Martin and Christelle. Martin’s insightful questions and Christelle’s thoughtful reflections played a pivotal role in refining and defining my strengths statement. Their expertise and support made the journey of self-discovery smooth and insightful.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking clarity in their personality and pursuits. Whether you’re looking to enhance your professional profile or simply gain a deeper understanding of yourself, the Clifton Strengths programme offers invaluable insights and tools to help you thrive.

Annemari Muru

Ex CEO at Liigu

“Christelle´s meditation technics really work! After 3 minutes of meditating with her, I felt like I have slept 2 hours – so calm and stressless I felt afterward! I am eager to wait for the full-day class to cleanse my mind. Thank you”
Elena Malgina


“I love Christelle´s personality. She is very good at what she does and it made it so worthwhile to me. Thank you”

The method in which each session was done is what I liked most about the workshops. Christelle was calm and patient with us. We were able to exchange experiences and talk to each other which I greatly appreciate. The non Violent communication session was very interesting and I would love to do more in this area as well”

Teacher of

European School Frankfurt

“Le programme est vraiment bien fait. J’ai appris à me connaitre, à faire le tri dans mes pensées.

Christelle m’a mise dans un groupe de femmes toutes différentes, mais nous sommes bien entendues, complétées, aidées.

Les séances passent vite, mais on en retient toujours plein de positif. Il y a le replay que l’on peut écouter après.

Christelle est une coach géniale, accueillante, toujours disponible, prête à aider. Elle connait ses clientes. Merci Christelle pour ce travail avec ce groupe.”


” Great program to get me kick-started into this complicated year. Totally worth the price.​

Great way to start the year, focusing on me, my life, and what I want in the coming 12 months.

Thank you, Christelle !”


Coach & mum of 2

“Je souhaitais partager personnellement mon évolution avec toi car il se passe beaucoup de choses positives dans ma vie !

La toute première chose est que je me sens vraiment bien, et ça, ça n’a pas de prix ! Je le remarque particulièrement dans cette période agitée durant laquelle beaucoup de gens ne supportent pas d’être à la maison. Pour ma part, j’utilise tout ce temps pour installer ma routine dans le temps (méditation, affirmations positives, gratitude) et faire mon chemin tranquillement vers mon changement de vie professionnelle, rejouer de la guitare, chanter, danser… et quitte à passer un un extra-terrestre: j’adore !

J’ai fini mon tableau de visualisation qui m’a beaucoup aidé à avancer, je travaille sur mon estime et ma confiance, l’acceptation des erreurs, mes valeurs, ainsi que sur l’équanimité et je vois les progrès que j’ai pu faire en l’espace de 9 mois… Une nouvelle naissance 🙂

Mes rapports avec mes supérieurs se passent de plus en plus d’égal à égal, j’ai l’impression de bien gérer le travail en remote avec mon équipe et malgré les 12h de travail par jour ces deux dernières semaines, j’ai vraiment bien géré mon stress (ça n’aurait pas été le cas il y a un an). Même à la maison, le changement est évident, je suis beaucoup plus détendue et en accord avec moi-même.

Alors, MERCI !!!  Merci d’être une super coach et de m’orienter avec les bons outils, merci de m’aider à voir plus de positif encore et à trouver mon chemin

Je te souhaite un très bon dimanche”


Assistant Manager DACH

“Christelle is inspiring, pushing towards reflection and action. She does not let you to turn in a circle, but helps you to find your way forward, and invites you to go outside of your comfort zone. And she approaches all this journey with you and the group with a big smile and a lot of energy! 😊”


Head of Process Assurance and Quality Management

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