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Strengths Expedition



Are You ready to Discover Your Hidden Potential?

👉 Do you feel like you have untapped potential waiting to be unleashed?

👉 Are you tired of feeling stuck in your career and craving a fulfilling, empowered life?

​Backed by 70 years of Gallup research, discover your hidden talents and unleash your true potential. With CliftonStrengths®, you can transform your strengths into superpowers and become the architect of the life you desire. Take the first step towards a more empowered and fulfilling future today!

“Embrace Your Greatness: Discover Your CliftonStrengths® and Live Authentically”
Join our exclusive 6-week program designed to empower active, ambitious women like you, who are eager to embrace new strengths-based concepts and conquer the world with confidence. Get ready for a transformational journey that will set you on a path to career fulfillment, personal growth, and lasting success!

• Your true career desires
• What matters most to you
• Overcome obstacles holding you back
• Start making positive changes today!

Revolutionize Your Career Journey with the Career Shift Booster! with advanced AI technology.

👉 Are you feeling overwhelmed by the lack of time and energy to invest in your career change?
👉 Are you feeling unsure if a change is what you truly desire or where to even begin?
“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” – Oprah Winfrey

What You’ll Learn in the Career Shift Booster
1: Unveil Your Current Professional Landscape Gain a clear understanding of your current situation. Analyze what’s present and absent, and define your core values at work. This foundation paves the way for a purpose-driven career shift.
2: Unleash Your Authentic Self  Dive deep into your personality to unlock your true potential. Our expert analysis reveals your strengths, behaviors, and boosts self-confidence, guiding you toward careers that align with your unique persona.
3: Unlock Your Ideal Career Paths Brace yourself for an exhilarating revelation! Discover a personalized array of career options meticulously tailored to align with your personality. Picture the thrill of uncovering the ideal professional paths crafted exclusively for you.
4: Project Towards an Aligned Future Project Towards an Aligned Future – Align your aspirations with our strategic guidance. We take your dreams into account, charting a course toward a future that resonates with your ambitions.

The Career Shift Booster


Your Genius Plan



Do you want more freedom and control in every area of your life? Improved harmony at home, more money, more time, increased energy, maybe starting a new project or changing career?

However your life is already full, you don´t know where to start? How to stay focused on your goals for more than a few weeks? Well, in this course, I show you the system that I started to use intensively during Covid Lockdown to grow my business, be present to my 3 children, feel energised and full of gratitude while achieving my goals.

In order to make the coming year a special and fantastic year, we need a proven process we can use to develop the right mindset, the right habit, put the right priorities, and do the right actions all over the year. 
What you will get
In this course, you will learn a simple process that will help you to
1. – Define carefully your 3 main goals and your 15 secondary goals for the coming year.
2. – You will break down your steps in order to achieve these 3 main goals and maybe more.
3. – You will learn to use your time accordingly to your goals and the needs of your family.
4. – You will grow your mindset and learn strategies to become more resilient.
5. – We will do a follow-up to be sure that you stay on track.
6. – You will have a support group that will stay with you all over the year.

Est ce que tu veux plus de liberté et de contrôle dans tous les domaines de ta vie ? 
Une meilleure harmonie Ă  la maison, plus d’argent, plus de temps, plus d’Ă©nergie, peut-ĂŞtre commencer un nouveau projet ou changer de carrière ? Cependant ta vie est dĂ©jĂ  bien remplie, tu ne sais pas par oĂą commencer ? Comment rester concentrĂ© sur tes objectifs pendant plus de quelques semaines ? Eh bien, dans ce cours, je te montre le système que j’ai commencĂ© Ă  utiliser intensivement pendant le première confinement Covid Lockdown pour dĂ©velopper mon entreprise, ĂŞtre prĂ©sent pour mes 3 enfants, me sentir Ă©nergisĂ©e et plein de gratitude tout en atteignant mes objectifs. Afin de faire de 2023 une annĂ©e spĂ©ciale et fantastique, nous avons besoin d’un processus Ă©prouvĂ© que nous puissions utiliser pour dĂ©velopper le bon Ă©tat d’esprit, la bonne habitude, mettre les bonnes prioritĂ©s et faire les bonnes actions tout au long de l’annĂ©e. 

Ce que tu obtiendras de ce cours
Dans ce cours, tu apprendras un processus simple qui t´aidera à
1. – DĂ©finir soigneusement tes 3 objectifs principaux et tes 15 objectifs secondaires pour 2022.
2. – Tu dĂ©composeras tes Ă©tapes afin d’atteindre ces 3 objectifs principaux et peut-ĂŞtre plus.
3. – Tu apprendras Ă  utiliser ton temps en fonction de te objectifs et des besoins de ta famille.
4. – Tu vas dĂ©velopper ton Ă©tat d’esprit et apprendre des stratĂ©gies pour devenir plus rĂ©silient.
5. – Nous ferons un suivi pour nous assurer que tu resteras sur la bonne voie.
6. – Tu auras un groupe de soutien qui t´accompagnera tout au long de l’annĂ©e.

Your Genius Plan (en francais)



Freedom Catcher Experience



Do you want to live a more meaningful life so that you can tell your children “I brought meaning and success to my life”?

I have been a coach since 2015 and I worked Parents, schools as Mindfulness Coach and as Leadership Coach in pharmaceutical companies. At the beginning of 2020, I decided to coach only parents. 

I realised that parents needed 3 things to feel fulfilled and happy:
• Having a career and a daily activity that fascinates them.
• Rediscovering their freedom
• Feeling united within their family

The problem is that often their work no longer corresponds with them. They feel they are slipping towards a burnout, or they are too exhausted for a harmonious family life. 

That’s why many of them feel trapped in a life that no longer suits them.
This is the reason why I focused my expertise on the “Freedom Catcher” program where parents who would like to change their lives, can. 
I work on 3 pillars to create a life that makes sense: reconnecting with yourself and your passions, redefining your IMPACT at Work, improving your family life. Do these pillars speak to you? Then this course is for you, because it is exactly what we focus on here.

Do you want to live a meaningful life so that you can tell your children and grandchildren “I have been successful in my life“? Career is definitely a crucial part. With this program, we work on building a bright future with fulfillment, fun, and meaning but we will not forget the lucrative part because we are worth it. We work on 3 pillars to create your dream life.

YOUR STATE of FLOW It all starts with you, what matters to you, work vision, and defining your ideal life to raise your energy level and be in THE FLOW STATE as much as possible. This part is so fun.  

YOUR NEXT BEST STEPS We will design your future projects, and the best professional steps by deep diving into your strengths, experiences, passions, and Uniqueness – We will design 3 professional projects and test with the market how to get results in real-life. This part is so inspiring.

YOUR CEO MINDSET Ok, I am not going to lie to you, but at some point, if you do the program seriously, you are going to get out of your comfort zone ( for some of you, far out of your comfort zone) and it is great because that means that you grow and you get a life with more space and freedom…. but it is not easy at first, so we are going to equip you to be a badass go get what you deserve driven person, to shy bright on social media and to be able to make smart negotiation. This part is so empowering. You will gain – A clear roadmap of your next steps- A clear view of your life mission – A strategy to get your dream job or start your dream project – A personal test to know your 5 Strengths – A Strong mindset you never thought you would be able to have and Support within the group and out of the group. Come and join us in the biggest design project of your life.


Your Meaningful Profitable Career



Open the Door to a BETTER World



Could we, in our relationships, be peaceful without being extinct, lively and true without being volcanic, and natural without being impulsive?
Is there a way to assert ourselves without crushing the other and to listen to the other without neglecting ourselves? Between getting carried away and swallowing our words, is there a third way?
This is what I hope you will discover in our 30-day Communication experience. 
In any case, I and Sabine Mauderer have designed it with this in mind.

This course is an ideal complement to meditation and mindfulness practice. 
It is the essential foundation for becoming an expert in mediation and negotiation. 

This art of living and technique has saved my business, my marriage and is a fundamental support for the education of my children. 

Are you are unsure which program is a good fit?

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