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Christelle´s purpose is to forge a better, solution-oriented world where individuals are driven in their work, contributing their best within effective teams or partnerships. It’s a world that’s creative, open, dynamic, human, and simultaneously high-performing.

As a passionate career coach, Christelle is results-driven and bring extensive experience across diverse industries like pharmaceuticals, startups, and schools. Beyond coaching, she boasts 15 years of international career as a sales engineer and team leader. She conducts coaching in three languages (English, French, German), possessing genuine knowledge of the industrial and technical landscape.

Christelle aspires for your organization and team to be focused, creative, and resilient. Specializing in Emotional Intelligence, she applies it to elevate teamwork, remote collaboration, onboarding, and Vision/Mission/Goal management. Her dedication is unwavering in empowering individuals and teams to thrive in their careers and lives by leveraging their unique strengths.

Key Offerings:

Team Building & Collaboration 


Promoting harmonious, high-performing teams, especially in virtual environments. Establishing trust and synergy among team members. Implementing strategies for effective interdisciplinary communication.


Helping to clarify the Vision, the Mission and Team Organisation in a new department, a Start up or a middle size company.


Goal Management: Setting clear, achievable goals aligned with organizational objectives. Creating action-oriented plans and milestones for professional growth. Providing continuous support for tracking progress and making necessary adjustments.


Strengths Management: Identifying and leveraging individual and team strengths. Clifton Strengths, DISC Test. Developing strategies to maximize strengths for enhanced productivity. Fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation.


Communication: Enhancing verbal and written communication skills - particularly in remote work settings. Handling difficult conversations and conflicts with sensitivity. Adapting communication styles for diverse and international audiences.


Mediation & Conflict Resolution: Mediating disputes and conflicts for positive outcomes. Promoting a culture of open dialogue and constructive feedback. Implementing conflict prevention strategies.


Stress Management: Providing tools and techniques for stress management in high-pressure situations. Promoting a healthy work-life balance for sustained productivity. Cultivating resilience and coping mechanisms.


Career Development & Advancement: Defining a clear career path and setting achievable milestones. Navigating career transitions and changes with confidence. Offering guidance on professional networking and mentorship.


Public Speaking & Presentation Skills: Building confidence and charisma in public appearances. Creating compelling presentations for maximum impact. Tailoring messages for resonance with diverse target audiences.


Onboarding & Integration: Developing and implementing comprehensive onboarding programs for seamless integration of new employees into the company culture. Creating training materials and resources for effective onboarding processes.


Looking for a customized coaching program tailored to your specific needs? With Christelle´s expertise in developing and implementing comprehensive programs, she can create a personalized approach that meets your unique requirements. From creating training materials to implementing effective processes, Christelle will guide.


Internationality and Multi-Culture Training: Navigating the global landscape requires a deep understanding of internationality and multi-culture training, fostering a global mindset for effective communication across diverse backgrounds.

A sampling of companies and organisations Christelle is familiar with:

If you represent an organization and would like to discuss an initiative within your company or school, feel free to share your requirements with me. I’d be delighted to address them or provide you with a suitable reference.

Jaap Stuut - Chief Executive Officer at Immunodiagnostic Systems Holdings PLC

“Christelle is enthusiastic and structured, bringing fresh ideas to our leadership workshop. She has a strong understanding, structured and standardized. Thank you, well done!”

Dr. Peter Kasper - Magellan bioConsult UG

“Christelle is a professional executive coach. She is very assured, a natural authority in her business, professional and effective in setting and tracking a reasonable agenda. She is very cooperative in setting up the program alongside her client (no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, great adaptation). She is knowledgeable in the fields of science and technology.”

Why Christelle?

Unique Expertise: She offers a special blend of experience, adaptability, and a deep understanding of various industries.

Proven Track Record: With a history of collaborating with leading pharmaceutical companies, nurturing startup talent, and guiding students in their career ambitions, she has honed her expertise across diverse sectors.

International Perspective: Through her work as a remote worker and technical sales manager in the global pharmaceutical and chemical industries, she bridges cultural gaps and creates inclusive environments.

Grounded in CliftonStrengths: Her strengths – Relator, Responsibility, Achiever, Individualization, Futuristic, and Empathic – form the core of her coaching approach. This enables her to establish personal connections while achieving tangible results and designing tailored processes.

Empowerment and Vision: She is dedicated to empowering individuals and teams to unlock their full potential and envision a future of success in a rapidly changing world.

Education and Professional Development

Master’s in Chemical Engineering, France, 2002 Life Coach – Psychological Counselor, SGD Darmstadt, 2015 Trainer Certificate, Success Resources, 2017.

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