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Emotional Intelligence with Christelle Pillot


Christelle PILLOT is committed to extending the transformative impact of her renowned Freedom Catcher Academy to schools nationwide. Her vision is clear: empower teachers and students in both public and private institutions to excel and thrive. By fostering an environment where everyone feels their best, she believes schools can provide an unparalleled learning and working experience.

Services for Teenagers:

Stress Management for Teenagers:

Tailored programs designed to equip teenagers with effective strategies for managing and alleviating stress, promoting mental well-being, and building resilience.

Non-Violent Communication (Ages 7 and Older):

Engaging workshops that teach students age-appropriate communication techniques, fostering healthy dialogues and conflict resolution skills.

Meditation Courses (Ages 7 and Older):

Mindfulness training sessions customized to various age groups, promoting focus, emotional regulation, and overall mental clarity.

Emotional Intelligence Courses (Ages 7 and Older):

Specialized curriculum aimed at developing emotional awareness, empathy, and social skills, essential for personal growth and positive relationships.

Services for Teachers:

School Vision Development:
  • Collaborative sessions focused on refining and articulating the school’s mission, values, and strategic goals, ensuring a clear and unified vision.

Expert facilitation of conflict resolution sessions to foster healthy communication and restore harmony among staff members and within the school community.

Team Building Workshops:

Engaging activities and workshops designed to strengthen team cohesion, improve collaboration, and enhance productivity among faculty and staff.

Supervision of Teachers:

Supervision sessions for educators, providing a safe space for reflection, guidance, and professional development. Through constructive feedback and personalized coaching, she aims to support teachers in their continuous growth, ensuring they have the tools and strategies needed to excel in their roles and make a positive impact on their students.

Stress Management Techniques:

Tailored strategies and tools to help educators effectively manage stress, prevent burnout, and maintain their well-being in the demanding educational environment.

Customized Workshops:

Bespoke workshops addressing specific needs and challenges within the school community, providing practical solutions and actionable insights.

A sampling of schools and institues I have worked with:

If you represent an organization and would like to discuss an initiative within your company or school, feel free to share your requirements with me. I’d be delighted to address them or provide you with a suitable reference.


Video about the activities with the children at the ESF: VIDEOS


Teachers of European School Frankfurt

I love Christelle´s personality. She is very good at what she does and it made it so worthwhile to me. Thank you”

Teachers of European School Frankfurt

“The method in which each session was done is what I liked most about the workshops. Christelle was calm and patient with us. We were able to exchange experiences and talk to each other which I greatly appreciate. The non Violent communication session was very interesting and I would love to do more in this area as well

A big big thank you to you Christelle”

Teachers of European School Frankfurt

Christelle is truly an expert about what she is teaching. She is very authentic and has a crystal- clear presence which I really appreciated about her personality. I do love her smooth and gentle voice.”

Lou Anne - 17 Year old - French School

“The stress sessions were very open and calming; we could let go, and she gave us tips. We see that we are not alone. I learned how to manage my stress and anxiety. I am not alone, and I don’t need to handle my problems alone. Others don’t only think negatively of us, even if they do, we don’t care.”

Alexandra - 17 Year old - French School

“What I enjoyed the most about this workshop was how personalized it was. Everyone listened to each other, and the focus was on addressing our unique needs rather than applying general solutions to different problems. I liked that the advice given was practical and doable, allowing us to take immediate action, like discovering success and incorporating meditation. It felt like a safe and trusting environment throughout the entire workshop.”

Klaus Sandrock - Schulleiter Heinrich Kleyer Schule

Frau Christelle PILLOT unterstützte die Schule bei der Bewältigung der vielfältigen Kommunikationsprobleme, die sich durch die Corona Situation verschärft hatten. In einer regelmäßigen Wöchentlichen Veranstaltung unterstützte sie Führungskräfte im Übergang zu einem neuen Verantwortungsbereich. Sie zeichnet sich durch Freundlichkeit, Zuverlässigkeit, Gewissenhaftigkeit und einer überdurchschnittlichen Einsatzbereithschaft.

Why Christelle?

Choosing to work with Christelle is a decision rooted in expertise and experience. With a background spanning diverse school systems, academies, and languages since 2016, she possesses a unique understanding of educational dynamics. 

Her journey with mindfulness and emotional intelligence began at the age of 8, making her a seasoned expert in these vital fields. Having guided over a thousand children since 2016, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge and a deep commitment to nurturing young minds. 

Christelle’s previous career as an Engineer reflects her structured mindset, allowing her to excel in simplifying complex concepts for effective learning. Her reputation as an effective, calm, and ever-present guide underscores her dedication to creating positive transformations in both students and educators.


  • Master in chemical Engineering, France, 2002
  • Life Coach – Psychologischer Berater, SGD Darmstadt, 2015.
  • Reiki Certification, 2012.
  • Sophrology Certification, 2020
  • Train the Trainer Certification, Success Resources, 2017

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Thank you for considering Christelle Pillot’s services to enhance emotional intelligence and well-being within your school community. Christelle is dedicated to fostering a positive learning and working environment for both students and educators.

If you are interested in exploring the service offered by Christelle, please feel free to connect with her via email or phone:

Email: contact@christellepillot.com

Phone: +49 172769 4234


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